Why Marketing?

The word marketing has a vivid range of approach to different sectors in society. For a beginner marketing means supplying the products on demand of the customer and it may seem to you that it is refers to some business and why should we continue reading it? Well but the terms seems to be inimitable but every human on a daily basis shows his marketing strategies to achieve his necessities. Well in India common man may not get a chance to use his marketing skills because of his day to day running life but people with a capability to analyse the scenario of the society with some ,out of the box ideas can be comfortably called as marketing analyst.

As the availability of education has been rapidly increasing in our country, the necessary for every individual to acquire job also has become very important. But due to the requirements in market of our country there are only 12% of the degree holders who are getting jobs for their capabilities while few tend to compromise to the situation and to the job which they are entitled to do. Now are the class of people who are innovative and have the passion of earning money, who are now choosing start-ups in the pretext of developing the county and probably themselves. While a whole lot of these start-ups have tasted success as well as money and are doing well initially but strive to reach their destinations when they dream big. Which is where a Marketing  Analyst is required, who studies the output of the company and gives the required consultation for their development ,it may be in terms of higher quantity or quality of the products depending upon the scenario of the market presuming the consulate personal is well experienced.

The preliminary idea of marketing was established long back even before the development of machines, but the main aim then was to increase the productivity and need the demands of the customer as there were only limited firms for a required products .As the developments of machines and increasing of profits there established a monotony i.e.,  increasing in firms which produce same product under different labels for which again a strategy was implemented stating high quality and low cost which formed the basis for the quote of the market ‘supply and demand’. Later marketing changed its phases and mainly emphasised on adapting several unique selling techniques for the sales of their goods, by considering the feedback from the customers and developing the goods depending on the customer requirements.

For any product to be sold in the present market there is the need for analysing forehand only certain elements , which include detail analysis of the product, negotiable price, perfect location for selling goods  and the required hype or offers created for launching the product. The above mentioned aspects play a vital role in genre of marketing a particular product. Study of marketing doesn’t involve any syllabus or curriculum but an analytical case study would help any individual to attain the pinnacle in this field.

Mourya Krishna Pamarthi


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