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Most of the students have complaints about their jobs since their employer’s contempt their lack of experience. So we try to help and impress the students about how paramount it is to have at least one or several internships. Students also have queries and questions regarding the criteria how-can-i-get-experience-as-soon-as-I-complete-my-graduation. But what they fail to understand is that employers who look for experience during placements expect some or the other professional activity in the field of their concern, suitable according to the job. Call it mind tricks but the employers are smart, isn’t that the reason why they’re employers after all?

Internships are a proven way to gain relevant knowledge, skills and experience while establishing important connections in the field. It is about having to get your feet wet and find out if a specific field is something you could see yourself doing as a full-time job. It is also about learning the professional way of working that brings in the sense of interest to the employer since he would always look for someone who has an experience. With internships, there are also quite a number of chances of being selected when compared to someone with no experience and no knowledge about the work. Employers want new – grad experience to come from internships. If you have completed internships, you will clearly have an edge over your classmates who haven’t.

They say that an internship is just one of those things you are supposed to have before employers will even consider looking at your profile. Why worry when you already know the solution to crack a job? At least one internship can make your profile look attractive enough for the employer to look at it. This makes internship a must. Internships are believed to be an avenue to a job and not only making the candidate’s profile look more attractive

The general discussion during the Importance of internships is the pay package. Yes, it is true that you may get paid more if you have done one or more internships. Let’s be honest, isn’t that something we are all looking for?

It helps you in testing your career paths before graduating and get stuck up in a field that’s not for you. There are chances that you might come to know by interning in your planned career field that it’s not what you thought it would be like. A niche field is a best fit for you than any other. For instance, you are a sales major, and you complete an internship in sales. You come to know that you hate it. Before letting go of sales , you do an internship in marketing and find out its perfect for you. Isn’t it better to figure out all this before graduating and getting stuck up with something you don’t like? You can basically test out your career plans and decide your field by interning.

Internship is also important for learning the valuable information of the major fields that you choose as a career. It also helps you to grasp how the things you learn in class are shown practically and preparing you to enter into your chosen career. The difference between classroom learning and what you need to know in the real world is discovered.

One of the most important factors of internship is that it helps you develop your skills in abundance. You might be having great interpersonal skills employers look for. Internships help you sharpen your skills by interacting with people on a professional basis. You can get to know a lot of things that you would never have the opportunity to do in the classroom. It goes on with communication, co-operation, leadership, teams-work and other qualities that employers seek. Internships also help you in boosting up your confidence and help you face the world. It also encourages you in building up work discipline and habits so that it becomes easier for you to adjust in the office atmosphere since you have already experienced it whilst your internship.

It is also useful in building up networks because everyone you meet during an internship is a potential contact for your network in future when you are hunting for jobs closer to graduation time. There are also possibilities of making money through internships. Not all internships are paid, but those internships that do pay can provide decent salaries.

So basically, the whole thought of internship is to provide the opportunities to the students who want to experience the kind of job career they want to work in. Internships provide incredible advantages and is definitely an important to-do in a student’s life. The chances of cracking a job interview gets easier with at least one internship in the resume. So alloy is one of those platforms where you can always get to discover things related to the fields of your interest, about yourself, your capabilities, your passion and learn a lot of things, get to experience the professional mannerism, build up your networks, improvise your skills, gain knowledge and a lot more. Internship is so important in today’s world that, you have to think resourcefully in order to utilise the opportunities around you. Even if you are convinced you can’t do an internship, you still have to think visionary about how you can do it. It’s that important.

– Harshita Vaswani

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