Alloy tied up with Uber for promotions in the city of Visakhapatnam a couple of months after its establishment, in the year 2015.
We came up with a unique campaign where a competition of three rounds was conducted for an internship position at Uber. In return for the prize of a lucrative internship opportunity, the participants had to hustle in the city, getting in sign ups and doing a lot of social media promotions for the same. We had over 700 students participating, making the campaign one of the most viral ones in the city, achieving the required market for Uber and establishing the brand in the city with a strong presence, and reaching our given target. This strategy was later applied to other cities where Uber was present in.

Taking the success forward, a year later, we organised another massive campaign named Beg, Borrow and Survive, a game where participants had to solve a few tasks including getting downloads for Uber, in return for the points. The winners got cash prizes and a prized internship at Uber again. The event saw a great participation of over 700 people, reaching across generations and was a massive hit in the city. More recently, the second version of Mad About Marketing was organised, a sequel to the first campaign, for Uber, which saw a huge participation, with over 500 participants.

Alloy has been involved with the promotions of Uber in the city since it’s establishment and it was a learning experience for the team.


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Date published

May 9, 2017