Tapp Me

Tapp Me, a Gurgaon based start up providing on demand plumbing, electrical or carpentry services, launched in Visakhapatnam in the year 2016. There was a dearth of demand initially that needed good branding at minimal budget.
We identified their target crowd as housewives and families, targeted them at various Rythu Bazaars, where there’s usually a dearth of polythene covers. We got them printed with Tapp Me branding and distributed the for free, fulfilling their need and getting their attention and mindshare in return.
Post several other branding initiatives including Mall promotions, Kiosk promos and a campaign of distributing Ganesh idols to faithful Tapp me customers, in an attempt to win them over, we came up with the big campaign, targeting schools.
An essay writing competition, conducted in schools, on the topic of conservation of water/electricity, was conducted wherein the forms were distributed to the students who had to take them home and discuss the same with the parents and submit the forms the next day.
The parents, on checking the form, had to download the Tapp Me App to fill up the details. More participants meant more downloads. More downloads at lesser cost made Tapp Me capture the market share at ease.


Offline Marketing


Date published

May 21, 2017