Data Analysis & Marketing Solutions

In Data, we trust.

Data plays a very important role for all organisations and brands, across industries. In the field of marketing, data is used to study customer behaviour and to figure out more effective ways to reach out to the company’s target audience. Beginning with a thorough study of the business to identify the exact target audience who’re most likely to be involved in business with your brand, the process then involves a wholesome research into the behaviour of this audience. This includes the basic demographics of the target audience such as their age, gender and locations, to more innate details such as their job roles, companies, the places they frequent, the type of food they love, the phones they use, the sites they frequent and more. 

Analysing the above data helps to give a very clear picture on whom to target and to create the best suited content to engage with them. Needless to say, the process is a time taking and thorough one but, if executed properly, saves companies millions in marketing & advertising. Like every other thorough process, experience makes a key difference in this field too. In 5 years, Alloy has reached out to over 15 million people across India for over 150 brands, each having its own set of target audiences. Have us put together our creative brains to come up with the best suited, cost effective strategies and marketing campaigns, with a high return on investment (ROI), for your brand.