Ratan Tata using Social Media well

How top industrialists are using social media so very effectively.

We are in the age of the Internet, and social media is a real big deal. It is not only much easier to connect with your friends and family, but it is also so much easier to be heard by people. Everybody from a school student to the world’s top industrialists and politicians, are on social media. 

If you run a business and want to reach out to your customers, why look elsewhere? Be it a B2B business with a very niche customer base or a B2C company with a lot of people to target, the digital world has something in it for everyone. 

The first step is to identify your target audience precisely and then, to select the right platform to reach out to them. If you’re an e commerce store selling clothes and accessories, Instagram would be the go to platform for you. If you’re into real estate or construction wanting to target the corporates and the working people, Linked In might be a better option.

And if you want to reach out to the top brass of Government officials or the top industrialists, you still have a way, with Twitter!

Everyone out there is busy using social media to the best of their abilities. Here we’ve listed down a couple of example setters – two top industrialists who’ve inspired an entire generation – about how they harness the potential of social media. 

Anand Mahindra: The Kind and Genius Tweeter

The Chairman of Mahindra Group is probably one of the most social media active Indian executives out there. Like many international CEOs like Richard Branson and Marissa Meyer, Mahindra took to social media as early as 2009. His primary medium remains Twitter even today with a follower count of 7.7 M. In 2013, he ranked fourth in the ‘Top 30 CEOs on Social Media,’ and the reason is simple enough. His posts are engaging and varied. 

In essence, Anand Mahindra’s twitter profile seems like that of any other Twitter user and not resembling a brand’s. His tweets are not laser-focused on Mahindra Group’s activities. Instead, he uses his account to address current issues in the world effectively and reach out to his followers and audience. Not unlike Cyrus Mistry, he also tweets about his personal life and goals. Amidst all this, he still manages to occasionally retweet his employees and Mahindra Group’s tweets, which goes to show the true leader that he is. 

Ratan Tata: The Humane Instagrammer

Yet another Indian executive that rules the social media domain is Ratan Tata. This industrialist reached his 1M-followers milestone on Instagram last month with just 17 posts. Tata is someone who is famously known for his humility even before he joined Instagram in 2013. However, joining the social media platform seems to have a greater effect on his popularity and mostly because of the content he shares. A look at his profile, and you will know multiple sides of the Indian businessman. From the picture of his dog to sharing a heartfelt post on his grandmother, Tata has used the key benefit of social media (humanising a brand or person) to its maximum extent. 

Aside from the personal posts, his conduct on Instagram creates a flattering image of his that has a significant effect on his follower count and popularity. Just last month, Tata chose to take a stand against cyberbullying by defending a follower. 

Another great example of how social media helps to connect with people and create a personal brand image is the Twitter handle of MP Shashi Tharoor. His wit and humour, along with his ideas about social issues, have made him a sensation online. Not to forget, Late. Smt. Sushma Swaraj, who raised the bar of governance by reaching out to numerous people who needed help via her social media account when she was the Union Minister of External Affairs. The way they reach out to masses only teaches us how social media has a huge positive impact on people.

What can Businesses and Executives learn from them?

The top two industrialists in India teach us all something about social media, which is that nothing is impossible. In social media, all that matters is the platform you choose and the way you are executing your campaigns. 

Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban are prime examples of entrepreneurs who employ their social media presence to create brand awareness. 

Over the last 6 years, we’ve handled the digital marketing of many a client, across a varied industry spectrum of FMCG, E Commerce, Construction & Real Estate, Food & Beverage, HR & Corporates, Technology and so on. 

We came across the necessities to target different genres of target audiences, from students to tech freaks to corporates to industrialists. To achieve the same, we exploited a lot of these social media platforms. Not just through paid ad campaigns, but also through consistent tagging and strategic content placement, that helped us churn out the results the clients needed.

Along the journey, the one thing we learnt is that the key to gain a healthy ROI for your digital spend lies on three important choices alone:

  • Choosing your target audience carefully. The narrower it is, the better. 
  • Choosing the right platform to target your audience. 
  • Choosing the right content best suited to engage with this target audience. 

Whether you are a B2C business like an e-Commerce or B2B business targeting companies, or wish to reach out to industrialists like Tata and Mahindra, social media is the solution. If you’re looking at how to maximise your social media potential, contact us now!