5 Easy Ways to Better your Social Media Marketing!

Social Media Marketing has seen staggering growth over the last few years in India. With more users spending more of their time on social media, it’s given rise to various opportunities for companies to reach out to their customers in previously non existent ways.

And the graph is only about to go up. In 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 258.27 million social network users. The Indian digital advertising industry, currently pegged at around Rs 8,202 crore, is slated to see a growth at 32% CAGR to reach Rs 18,986 crore by 2020. 

Given the immense opportunity that lies ahead, its important for all kinds of businesses to cash in. All that matters is how effectively you use your channels. 

Here are five primarily important ways in which you can channel growth and generate leads through your social media:

#1 Videos or HD Photos

Videos are one of the best tools you can use to tell your story, to share quality and engaging content with the audience. Videos help you increase your engagement and are the best means of viral content that can be created online.
HD Photos are the next best means of engagement.. Moving or enticing photographs that convey the message themselves are worth their weight in gold on all social media platforms, be it Facebook, Pinterest, Zomato or even twitter, not to mention Instagram.

Putting up texts reduces your reach and is a waste of money, time and efforts as well. Remember, engagement is the key. The more people who engage with you on social media, the better opportunity it is for you to increase your conversion ratio.


#2 Instagram Stories & Live

Probably one of the most underrated channels at this moment from the companies’ point of view would be Instagram. It’s still picking up pace, but if your target audience is the younger crowd, this is the platform to capitalise on, much more than Facebook itself.

Instagram has introduced a hoard of new features on its stories, making the stories as engaging as possible. It’s an amazing opportunity to connect with your followers on social media.
Another powerful feature is Instagram Live, allowing you to interact directly with your followers and target audience. If you aren’t utilising these to the full extent yet, you soon should.


#3 Influencer Marketing

Often, it becomes difficult to create a certain loyal fanbase for your business. This needs organic growth in terms of reach and engagement. If you solely rely on paid promotions, you would end up spending way more than required.

This is where influencers come into play, an amazing concept which again wouldn’t have existed if not for social media. People who’ve built up their profiles with great following would recommend your products, redirecting their followers to your page in return for some incentives. This creates new leads and a loyal fanbase. 
But remember, before you jump in and fix on an influencer, do check their following, whether they have real followers, engaging followers and their age groups as well. Every step here has to be carefully analysed. This is a form of social media marketing that shouldn’t be ignored. 


#4 WhatsApp for Business

Another new turn taken by Facebook, is bringing WhatsApp to the mainstream social media. Connect your WhatsApp to your Facebook page so that your customers can directly reach out to you on the same. This could change the face of social media marketing in the future. 

With WhatsApp for business, you as a business get the data, can interact with your customer at ease and in a very informal way.
If you haven’t connected it to your page yet, do it right away!


#5 Remarketing

Remarketing is one of the best ways of social media marketing, to connect with the people who already have interacted with your business. Contrary to the popular belief, remarketing isn’t necessarily only about website.
Once you run engaging campaigns on your page and they generate interest and engagements from various people, you can remarket call to action campaigns to them. This is an effective way to first capture their attention and then sell your product.




The above are but a few basic features of social media. Your results eventually depend on your content, that’s relatable to the respective target audience.

Join the social media bandwagon now and pump in some revenue from the digital world. In case you still need help, we’re but a click away.